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This button will open to information, on how you can help to provide a future for a woman in search of just that a Future

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The purpose of this Foundation is to: empower, uplift, and support women.  To provide information and education, that will help women to move forward while in a safe and caring environment. This Foundation will provide housing, financial planning, and counseling, to empower women through motivation, while teaching women to become self-proficient. Using positivity, conviction, experienced and committed staff, to encourage women to lead stable and independent lives.


Our desire is to create a safe place for women, to have an opportunity to establish themselves, grow and succeed to a better life, while becoming a vital asset to their community


Residents seeking Transitional Housing must be at least 18 years of age.


Must have a substance use diagnosis.

Must have participated in and completed Substance (SUD) programming.

Must be drug and alcohol free for at least 10 weeks.

Must be willing to adhere to house rules

Recommendations must come from: Case Managers, Counselors, Probation/Parole Officers and Court.

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